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15000pages's Journal

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This is meant as sort of a sister-community to 50bookchallenge, meaning that I encourage you all to join that one too. I did it in 2003, and I decided I needed another challenge for 2004.

So I'm going to read 15,000 pages this year. Because I want to read War and Peace, but I'd never get 50 books done in a year with that. And you're all welcome to join me in my quest.

It amounts to 41 pages a day. You can so do it.

There are no rules. Count re-reads if you want. Count magazines if you want. If you feel like you're reading, and you feel like counting it, do it.

I'm going to update once a week with how many pages I read that week and what books I finished. Everyone else is welcome to do whatever they'd like.

I highly recommend doing this in conjunction with 50 book. 15000 pages is 50 300 page books, which is an average size (I think), so it's totally doable. But for me, I wanted something different, that would allow me to read long books without being at a disadvantage.

Any questions, feel free to ask. And have fun reading!

p.s. I'm not starting till 2004, because the goal is 15000 in 2004, but if you join later, set your own finish date.

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