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Book 2 - 2016 - 15000pages

Nov. 20th, 2016

12:31 pm - Book 2 - 2016

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Book 2: Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths by Ryan Britt – 205 pages

Description from bookdepository.co.uk:
Ryan Britt is . . . the Virgil you want to guide you through the inferno of geekery. Lev Grossman, author of the bestselling Magician's trilogy Pop Culture and sci-fi guru Ryan Britt has never met a monster, alien, wizard, or superhero that didn t need further analysis. Essayist Ryan Britt got a sex education from dirty pictures of dinosaurs, made out with Jar-Jar Binks at midnight, and figured out how to kick depression with a "Doctor Who" Netflix-binge. Alternating between personal anecdote, hilarious insight, and smart analysis, "Luke Skywalker Can t Read" contends that "Barbarella" is good for you, that monster movies are just romantic comedies with commitment issues, that Dracula and Sherlock Holmes are total hipsters, and, most shockingly, shows how virtually everyone in the "Star Wars "universe is functionally illiterate. Romp through time and space, from the circus sideshows of 100 years ago to the Comic Cons of today, from darkest corners of the Galaxy to the comfort of your couch. For anyone who pretended their flashlight was a lightsaber, stood in line for a movie at midnight, or dreamed they were abducted by aliens, "Luke Skywalker Can't Read" is full of answers to questions you haven't thought to ask, and perfect for readers of Chuck Klosterman, Rob Sheffield, and Ernest Cline."

I was wandering around a Barnes & Noble in the Upper West Side of New York with my family over Christmas and stumbled across this book. I’m a sci-fi nerd, and I could instantly relate to some of anecdotes about watching Star Trek as a kid and the deep conversations about sci-fi plot lines and their potential reality held amongst my family to this day. So I need to buy it, and I read through this book’s collection of essays with avid enthrallment. Britt covers a variety of topics in a variety of ways, and so many of them echoed my own thoughts and/or life experiences, while at the same time giving me the opportunity to think about old topics in new ways. I’d never considered whether the people of Star Wars could actually read (must watch more closely next time) or the fake nostalgia that Back to the Future so eloquently taps into. On the other hand, Britt’s essays about Star Trek resonated strongly with me as did numerous others. Britt’s style is engaging and for anyone who grew up nerd this book will bring a smile to your face (I eventually led it to my brothers who concurred). In the way the Big Bang Theory guys debate comic book specifics, I will never tire of eloquent analysis of the sci-fi/fantasy world which shows us just how much these fantastical stories echo reality. A great read!

2 / 50 books. 4% done!

506 / 15000 pages. 3% done!

Currently reading:
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And coming up:
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